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    What’s lurking in your makeup brushes?!

    What’s lurking in your makeup brushes?!

    Be honest, did you grab a makeup brush this morning that you haven’t cleaned in days? It’s a makeup sin many are guilty of. According to a recent survey 44% of you NEVER clean your makeup brushes!

    Yet it’s impossible to get a flawless finish to your makeup when your brushes are clogged with stale product residue.

    Worse still they become contaminated with bacteria causing blocked pores and nasty skin breakouts. But cleaning your makeup brushes is a messy, tedious business and they take hours to dry.

    Now there’s a brand new beauty gadget that cleans them for you in seconds.

    The Stylpro Brush Cleaner sterilizes and ‘spin dries’ your makeup brushes so they’re immaculately clean and instantly dry.

    The Stylpro utilizes centrifugal spin technology yet it’s surprisingly easy to use.

    You simply attach one of the battery operated collars to your dirty makeup brush and dip it into the Stylpro bowl with a few drops of cleansing solution.  Wiggle your brush in the solution for a few seconds, then press for a quick spin and a few more seconds to dry – job done.

    The Stylpro Brush Cleaner is the brainchild of Tom Pellereau , aka “Inventor Tom”, previous winner of the BBC Apprentice.

    Celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge challenged Tom to create a faster, more hygienic way to clean makeup brushes. Tom explains, “The lovely Lisa set me a challenge to completely remove Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation from a Kabuki brush – which was really tough!”

    Tom came up with hundreds of prototypes before reaching his eureka moment with the Stlypro as well as developing a unique cleanser.

    The cleanser not only removes makeup hidden deep within the bristles it also contains conditioning ingredients including wheat germ, grape seed and Argan oils which leaves brushes feeling super soft and looking like new. So the Stylpro also helps protect and prolong the life of your makeup brushes.

    Tom is super passionate about his new beauty invention and has an endearing ‘Mr Nice Guy’ quality which seems starkly at odds with the brusque persona of Lord Sugar.

    “Actually Lord Sugar is the perfect business partner for me. I’m very scatterbrained and get very excited by what I’m working on. He keeps me focused and grounded,” said Tom.

    He is already working on the next incarnation of the Stylpro; one that will clean multiple brushes in one go. If he could also just make the Stylpro self cleaning so you don’t have to wash it out yourself that really would be magic.

    The Stylpro Brush Cleaner is available now at priced £49:99

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