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    The BOMB Squad – the new Bombardiers of British Barbering

    The BOMB Squad – the new Bombardiers of British Barbering

    The BOMB Squad has exploded onto the world of British Barbering.

    A unique creative collaboration the BOMB combines the forces of a trinity of the finest barbers in Britain:


    • James Beattie – Beatties Barbers, Wales


    • Alan Findlay  – Rebel Rebel, Scotland


    • Martin Fox (aka Foxy) – Scarlet Moon, England


    The BOMB Squad – from L to R – Alan Findlay, James Beattie and Martin Fox aka ‘Foxy’


    The BOMB Squad – Barbers of Modern Britain – is an Elite Barbering Art Team and the first of their kind in the UK.

    The BOMB is the creative and artistic vision of the three founding members who inspire one another and between them have more than half a century’s experience in men’s barbering.

    When I meet the BOMB Squad their stage show and men’s hair collection Whiskey Capone has just taken the biggest event in barbering – Barber Connect – by storm.



    Whiskey Capone and the Son’s of Capone collections take inspiration from 1920’s gangster culture of the prohibition era – in doing so the BOMB barbering gurus have created an explosion in men’s hair.




    There is a new confident stomp and creative spirit here. Inspired by the sharp angled cuts of the 20s but taken to a new level with more height and movement combined with modern tight fades at the back and sides. And with thick, lustrous beards, sculpted to perfection.






    For me ‘Steampunk meets modern day Amish-Heartthrob’ here and I absolutely love it.

    The BOMB Squad kindly took time out of their insane schedule to sit down with me on the day. There’s a slight wild look in their eyes as if they’re ready for anything right now.

    James Beattie is the highly charismatic ‘founding father’ of The Squad. When I ask him what is driving the renaissance in British barbering he says:

    “This is the new age of the modern man who’s not afraid to look good. He knows what he wants and he goes out and gets it”


    Alan Findlay laughs and in his smooth, Scottish accent he adds:

    “Yeah and he’s not afraid what his mates think either! Instagram and social media are also driving it. It’s coming up from the streets. Lads come into shops now with pictures on their phones…”

    James says:

    “…Exactly. The subcultures are coming up from the streets and Instagram brings it to the masses.”


    We’ve had to raise the bar in barbering and hone new skills and techniques. We are pushing the boundaries in men’s grooming and styling”

    Their passion and fervour for this new frontier in men’s barbering is inspiring.

    James declares:

    “We want to evolve barbering by reinventing barbering”.



    There is real camaraderie between The Squad boys. And there’s passion, drive and an all consuming commitment to inspire a new generation of barbers. They are generous with their knowledge and have a shared vision of the future of British barbering.

    It has been an insane schedule for The Bomb Squad over the last few months but you can tell they love it and are thriving on the challenge. Unlike a lot of art teams they rotate their models at every stage show.

    This keeps our stage work unrehearsed and raw. So we are facing the same challenges as every barber with a new client in their chair” says James.

    The Bomb Squad was invited to present at The Fellowship for British Hairdressing stage at Professional Hairdresser Live 2014 which was a tremendous honour for the Squad boys.

    The BOMB Squad has come a long way in a short time and really are exploding into British Barbering. They first collaborated in 2012 for the National Hairdressers Federation.

    In 2013 they were invited to present their collection at the Hairdressers Journal stage at Salon International. They are also part of the British Barbering Association Menspire initiative to mentor and inspire a new generation of British Barbers.

    The BOMB Squad is the one to watch. The next BOMB will be exploding at The Fellowship of Hairdressing at Wella World Studio on June 2nd 2014.

    And I heard a whisper there might just be a new collection – I can’t wait.




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