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    Rhino Skin Armour – power packed skincare for the man in your life.



    My son – “The Teen” – rarely pays attention to my work as a makeup artist, unless I’m testing out artificial blood products or the occasional prosthetic decapitated head!

    However when I opened the new Rhino Skin Armour package for men, he couldn’t wait to get his hands on it.

    The Teen spends an inordinate amount of time on his appearance these days – personally I blame the likes of Bieber and Joey Essex.

    It also reflects the recent explosion of the male skincare market and product launches, which have increased globally by 70% from 2007 to 2013.


    The Rhino Skin Armour range is uniquely backed by super tough and hard-core rugby heroes Richie Myler and Charlie Hodgson.

    Shamefully I must admit to being none the wiser when The Teen started yelling their names.

    Turns out they are hugely successful, outstanding sportsmen performing at the top of their game.

    And their skin looks great too!

    I was however just a ‘tad’ bit confused by the Rhino design.

    I get the suggestion of brute force and strength but Rhinoceros also have some of the roughest and wrinkled skin on the planet which I found a tad bit contradictory.  

    The Teen, however, wasn’t bothered by that conundrum in the slightest. He thought it just looked cool.

    The Teen, like most 17 year olds, has combination skin and can be prone to occasional breakouts, especially as he trains five times a week now.

    He needs a straight forward and effective routine that will cleanse his skin thoroughly as well as protect his face. And most importantly it must NOT be girly.

    Rhino Skin Armour fulfils that brief. In fact it was a 5 day transformation. Rhino Skin Armour Facial Wash smells wonderful – all musky and manly!

    It also packs a gentle but highly effective punch. It eradicates blocked pores and is brilliantly refreshing giving the man (or Teen) in your life clear, bright and energised skin.

    So go for it – go get some Rhino Skin Armour in your man’s life and see the difference in just five days.


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