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    Lusardi My Miracle Skincare is causing shock waves in the prestige skincare market.

    Linda Lusardi has created a luxury skincare range that competes with prestigious brands like Crème de la Mer and La Prairie. The only difference is those brands retail at up to £500 but now you can have prestige skincare from Linda Lusardi from under £30.

    Lusardi My Miracle Skincare is formulated in Switzerland by leading cosmetic scientists in the same elite laboratory as Crème de La Mer and La Prairie, using the same high end ingredients.



    It is quite simply a revolution in exclusive high performance skincare, made available for every woman.

    More importantly Lusardi My Miracle Skincare really works.

    Only available through the TV shopping channel Ideal World, the reviews speak for themselves. The 5 star ratings and rave reviews from real women are truly impressive.

    Linda lusardi 2


    When I mentioned to friends I was interviewing Linda Lusardi this weekend, I was inspired by the outpouring of affection for her.

    Responses ranged from memories of harmless teenage fantasy to genuine adoration from now grown men. All of them fondly recalled her fabulous womanly charms and her ‘girl next door’ quality. And more impressively women love her too.

    Its more than twenty years since the ex-glamour model graced Page 3 of the Sun Newspaper, yet Linda Lusardi was voted ‘Best Page 3 Model Ever’.

    Ms Lusardi is a rare breed. She has transitioned almost effortlessly it seems, from glamour model to credible actress, as well as becoming a highly successful businesswoman in her own right.




    She has had roles on TV, including The Bill and Emmerdale, and more recently won the hearts of the audience in Dancing on Ice. She is a passionate champion for the Williow Foundation and the Rhys Davies Trust and as well as her skincare range she has launched her own clothing line.

    Not bad for the 16 year old girl who was spotted at a bus stop whilst working at the local tax office.

    Linda Lusardi is at The Anti Ageing Show in London this weekend promoting her ‘My Miracle Skincare’ range.

    When I meet her she greets me with a radiant warm smile which further accentuates those stunning cheek bones of hers. She is utterly gorgeous and I suddenly feel the urge to run away or at least put a bag over my head!



    However even though I am just one of many, on a relentless schedule of interviews on a very long day for her, she has that unique ability to make you feel like you are the only person in the room.

    She is surprisingly petite at only 5ft 4 and has a body most 20 some-things would kill for, yet she turned 56 this year. Linda’s skin glows and is perfectly smooth, apart from a light sprinkling of laughter lines around her eyes that make her even more endearing.

    It is further evidence that her ‘My Miracle Caviar Restore Eye Serum’ works – and also that she has so far avoided Botox and fillers. She actually admits to having booked an appointment but backed out at the last minute because she ‘was too scared.’

    Feeling bold I ask Linda directly if she has had any ‘work’ done on her face. Without hesitation she says tells me straight,

    “I haven’t had anything done to my face but I just tried the new Ultherapy on my neck by Dr Karidis. It takes three months to show so I’ll let you know if makes any difference.”


    Ultherapy is a non surgical treatment that uses ultrasound technology to help lift and tighten your skin. I’m looking at Linda Lusardi’s neck and it looks so smooth to me I ask why she bothered. But as Linda says,


    “Prevention is better than cure. You know I was told women’s skin starts to deteriorate from about age 25 – it’s so unfair. But that’s why it’s so important that we take care of our skin every day. And that’s why I created My Miracle. Just like every woman I know we don’t want to put rubbish on our skin. But I’ve got two kids at school and I can’t be spending hundreds of pounds on a face cream. So I made my own with brilliant ingredients so normal women could have the very best too – at a price we can all afford.”

    Linda Lusardi is all about using great skincare from an early age to protect your skin and preserve your beauty for as long as possible, as naturally as possible.


    The Caviar night cream with Edelweiss smells gorgeous, feels like velvet and melts into your skin making it feel soft and supple and gives you an instant glow. You really do get immediate, visible results with My Miracle Skincare.

    Longer term it rehydrates your skin, helps lift and tighten as well as replenishing and plumping for smoother, brighter skin.

    I ask Linda how she manages to sell her luxury skincare at such an affordable price:

    Because I’m not paying Hollywood actresses millions of dollars to promote My Miracle Skincare and I’m not pushing for it to be in Harrods or Selfridges. My Miracle is on Ideal World shopping channel – it goes straight from the laboratory in Switzerland to Ideal World. That way I avoid charging women all the big markups and costs of the big hype. Instead real women get premiership ingredients that really work, at an affordable price”


    I ask her, in a world obsessed with women fighting aging and trying to look young for as long as possible what does she think makes a woman really beautiful?

    Linda simply says:

    “Her soul”

    After a moment she adds


    I know in reality no woman honestly likes to look old. They don’t want to look in the mirror and see masses of lines and wrinkles. That’s why good skincare is so important. But so is making time for yourself and taking care of yourself. So find clothes that make you feel great and pick the right thing for you – it doesn’t have to be expensive – I love some of the clothes at Tesco’s too – just make it work for you.”


    As the word Tesco’s comes out of her mouth I’m suddenly overwhelmed with an urge to hug her and insanely I tell her!

    She smiles and I love her even more.

    Just before she leaves I ask her what next? Linda hints at a brand new My Miracle BB Cream in development.

    You heard it here first ladies – I can’t wait.

    In the meantime switch on the Ideal World shopping channel today Monday 12th and again on Tuesday 13th May for special shows with Linda Lusardi and My Miracle Skincare for some very exclusive offers.


























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