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    Hollywood’s Stan Winston School at The Prosthetics Event

    Hollywood’s Stan Winston School at The Prosthetics Event

    I almost fell over when I was told that the Los Angeles masters of FX, Stan Winston School of Character Arts, will be at The Prosthetics Event in the UK next month.

    The world renowned four time Oscar winner Stan Winston was the creative FX genius that worked on The Terminator, Predator and Jurassic Park, to name just a few.

    All the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park were designed at the Stan Winston Studio. Stan Winston said, “For the first time in history you saw real, full sized dinosaurs on screen – we created a world of dinosaurs for everyone’s pleasure.”

    The legendary T Rex made history in Jurassic Park

    The film’s epic creation was the Tyrannosaurus Rex. It stood twenty feet tall, forty feet long and weighed nine thousand pounds. The T Rex took eight artists seventeen weeks to sculpt from three thousand pounds of clay.

    To make the monster move Stan adapted technology from giant robotic theme park attractions and combined it with hydraulic engineering. Everyone was in awe of the T Rex on set.

    Stan Winston is one of Hollywood’s greatest monster-makers. Sadly he died in 2008 but his legacy lives on at the Stan Winston School of Character Arts.

    stan winston logo

    What is unique to the school is that the training is online based. You can learn monster making with the masters instantly from your laptop.

    The quality of the training is extraordinary, the resources second to none and the rostra of educators includes a host of Hollywood FX legends including Howard Berger, Barney Burman and Bill Corso.

    It’s a veritable feast of creature-creation techniques, Hollywood expertise and a community that is buzzing with the next generation of potential FX designers.

    The Prosthetics Event ticket holders will receive an exclusive 20% discount when they register for online training at

    And if that wasn’t enough one lucky attendee at The Prosthetics Event on November 16th will win a YEAR’S FREE SUBSCRPITON to the entire Stan Winston online training catalogue.

    Tickets are available at









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