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    Great Beauty Double Acts

    Great Beauty Double Acts

    Ginvera – Green Tea Exfoliating Marvel Gel

    ginvera marvel gel 1

    This product really is a marvel.

    It removes dead skin cells, eliminates blackheads, stimulates cell renewal, brightens your skin and can help correct sun damage.

    Ginvera Marvel Gel has been wowing beauty editors, is the number one selling exfoliant in Singapore and is now available at Harvey Nichols here in the UK. Marvel Gel is a green gel which you apply to your dry face.

    • Smooth gently onto your skin focusing on your ‘T’ zone
    • Allow to settle on your face for a few seconds.

    Even before massaging and rinsing you will be amazed by how your skin responds. Tiny beads of dead skin begin to peel and flake away.

    Not the most pleasant image but wow this really works!

    Unlike more traditional abrasive exfoliating products Marvel Gel is extremely gentle on your skin.

    Even with just one use I was quite impressed by the results. My skin looked clearer and smoother. I have ridiculously sensitive skin so I did notice a little redness but this settled down within a few minutes.

    Marvel Gel is power packed with anti-oxidant ingredients including green tea, ginseng, aloe vera, pearl powder and Ginvera’s patented bio gel. It also really helps to minimise the appearance of pores and gives a smoother more radiant appearance to tired, congested skin.

    Truly a hero product you will love.


    Ginvera – Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream 

    ginveral BB cream


    BB creams have been hailed as one of the most exciting breakthroughs in skin care. But many of us have simply been left confused.

    • The BB stands for Blemish Balm.
    • BB creams have Asian heritage
    • They are essentially a foundation with skincare benefits.

    I haven’t really been converted by BB Creams until now.

    Ginvera Green Tea BB Cream is simply outstanding and it works brilliantly with the Marvel Gel.

    Ginvera Green Tea BB Cream:

    • Brightens
    • Evens skin tone
    • Moisturizing and anti-aging
    • Gives beautiful, natural cover.

    In effect it combines all the benefits of a moisturiser, foundation, primer and sun block. It has a creamy, soft consistency and gives a dewy finish to the skin. It also has an illuminating quality without being shimmery.

    Ginvera BB Cream covers and evens skin tone without feeling heavy on your skin. And with SPF 30 this truly is an award winning, multi-tasking product.

    Although Ginvera BB Cream adapts to all skin tones, if you have very dark skin it can look a little ashy.

    I really hope they develop a shade for darker skin tones.

    It has a very soft feel but you need to work with the texture when you first apply it to your face. It is best applied with fingers as the warmth of your hands helps to activate the product.

    Dot on the high points of your face as you would a foundation but then gently massage in circular motion as you would a moisturiser.

    This BB cream takes a few moments to settle into your skin but that little extra effort with the application is so worth it.

    What’s truly wonderful about this product it that the effects are cumulative – the more you use it the better your skin will look.

    Well worth investing in this beauty duo – Ginvera Marvel Gel and BB cream.


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