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    Finally the PERFECT makeup just for you with Cosmetics A La Carte

    Finally the PERFECT makeup just for you with Cosmetics A La Carte

    Cosmetics A La Carte is one of the best kept secrets in the beauty world.

    Princess Diana loved their soft, nude lipstick and Lady Gaga is a huge fan of the UV Bubblegum Gloss. 

    Cosmetics A La Carte make couture inspired skincare and richly pigmented cosmetics that are custom blended and uniquely personal.


    With a prestigious client list that reads like a ‘Who’s Who’ of the beautiful and fabulous, their products are sought after by royalty, legendary actresses and models as well as women at the top of their professions and makeup artists in the know.

    But Cosmetics A La Carte are discrete and prefer not to shout about such things – which is one of the many reasons I adore them!

    What makes A La Carte truly fabulous is they will custom blend the perfect foundation just for you. They will mix a one-of-a-kind foundation that matches your individual skin tone perfectly. And it will look flawless all day long.

    I have found my spiritual cosmetic heaven!

    And as if that isn’t enough Cosmetics A La Carte will also recreate that beloved favourite lipstick of yours, that some inconsiderate cosmetic ‘marketing–idiot’ has just randomly decided to discontinue.



    That lipstick that makes you look stunning no matter how little sleep you’ve had and you’re now scraping away at the bottom of the tube, trying to eke out the remains.

    Well now you can take what’s left of it to A La Carte and they will lovingly recreate an exact match for you so you can wear your favourite ‘lippie’ for as long as your heart desires. 

    Cosmetics A La Carte will even post it to you no matter what corner of the globe you may happen to reside in.


    You will find the Parisian-inspired Cosmetics A La Carte beauty boutique nestled between Christian Louboutin and award winning hairdresser Errol Douglas, on Motcomb Street in the heart of Knightsbridge.



    Just like haute couture fashion that use the finest fabrics to create exclusive one-off designs, so Cosmetics A La Carte use the finest ingredients to tailor their bespoke cosmetics and skincare to your every need.

    What makes Cosmetics A La Carte even more fascinating is that the brand was launched by two female cosmetic chemists – Lynne Sanders and Christina Stewart.

    They truly were the first British cosmetic brand made by women, for women.

    Between them had previously created the legendary Mary Quant makeup line and the global hair care brand for Vidal Sasson.

    Lynne and Christina first met in the laboratory at Unilever but felt stifled and frustrated by the mass production techniques of the cosmetic giants. They knew they had so much more to offer women so together they took a huge leap of faith and launched their own label in 1973.

    Cosmetics A La Carte was the very first British makeup company to hand make their own products. They were also the original pioneers to offer professional makeup lessons for time-pressed women looking for gorgeous products that are effortless yet exquisite.

    It’s rumoured that when Estee Lauder failed to lure them with a significant financial takeover bid they tried to imitate the A La Carte model with the launch of the ‘Prescriptives’ brand. Fascinatingly Estee Lauder could not successfully replicate the bespoke and couture nature of A La Carte. Prescriptives did not stand the test of time and are no more.

    Lynne Sanders remains as the CEO of Cosmetics A La Carte to this day (Christina retired in 2009) and continues to resist the temptation to sell out to a bigger global brand.

    I was thrilled to have the opportunity to meet with her in person last week.



    Lynne is both elegant and sophisticated. She has a beautiful and delicate English rose complexion which is a testament to her outstanding skin care range.

    Lynne is wonderfully eloquent and vivacious. Her love of art and beauty is glorious and continues to drive her. She is especially passionate about women embracing their beauty at all ages.

    “At A La Carte we are on a life-long journey of discovery with our clients, from when they first come to us for makeup lessons in their teens, then in the workplace helping them feel even more confident, to feeling truly stunning on their wedding day and beside them to help them bloom into the ever more beautiful women they become in later years.”

    I am inspired as I listen to Lynne and uplifted by her mantra to “Find your look and feel fabulous at every age”.

    Lynne is also excited by her new ground-breaking products that she is working on which harness the best that modern science has to offer as well as superior natural ingredients.

    In our ‘what’s-new-regardless-of-credibility’ obsessed media culture, Cosmetics A La Carte is a van guard for exquisite quality, incredible style and timeless beauty.

    This brand is stunning which makes it especially difficult to narrow down my recommendations for you. Usually with most cosmetic brands there are one or two hero products which stand out for me from the rest.

    In the case of Cosmetics A La Carte it’s almost impossible as EVERTHING in this brand is truly high performance, luxurious and exceptional.

    Just some of my personal favourites are the Rose Dew Moisturizer and Primer, Brow Ink, Skin Veil and the gorgeous, richly pigmented and long lasting Lustre Lipsticks.

    Rose Dew Moisturizer and Primer is an Anti Aging Beauty Bible Award Winner. Unlike any primer you have used before this is ground breaking as it uniquely combines advanced hydrating and skin firming ingredients with skin smoothing properties. It smells divine and glides onto your skin like silk. It melts into your skin leaving it soft, smoother and radiant creating an invisible protective and skin balancing layer which is perfect for makeup application. Your foundation smoothes on effortlessly and your skin looks flawless. Gives long lasting results and a glowing complexion.

    Rose Dew Moisturizer


    Brow Ink is a godsend for sparse or thinning brows and is also fabulous for defining brows with long lasting, results. In three colours, blonde, sable and taupe, there is a perfect match for every brow giving natural, fabulous results. Well worth taking your time to use light featherlike strokes with this genius brow pen to enhance your brows and to emphasize your natural arch. Easy to correct if you make a mistake, sets in just a minute from application and wonderfully smudge proof. One of the best brow enhancing products ever!

    brow ink 2



    Skin Veil is a little bit of cosmetic heaven. Weightless, and almost invisible to the eye yet it smoothes your skin and gives youthful luminosity as well as smoothing fine lines, especially effective around your eye area. You can apply alone for the no-makeup perfect skin look or use later in the day to revitalize and rejuvenate tired skin. Apply with fingers or sponge to refresh your skin or top up fading makeup at the end of the day.

    Skin Veil



    Lustre Lipsticks are richly moisturizing yet long wearing and smell delicious. Try ‘Sunshine’ for a naturally soft yet plumped smile in the day and ‘Juicy’ for a full bodied and luscious pout for the night.

    a la carte lustre lipsticks


    I also have a wonderful gift for you and a friend from Cosmetics A La Carte. Two complimentary 20 minute ‘Bespoke Your Beauty’ makeup lessons and free Bespoke Skin Bases in handbag size for you both.

    Just send your name and email address to by April 22nd, to be in with a chance to win this exclusive gift for you.





































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