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    Film Hairdressing Legend: ONE-to-ONE Masterclass

    Film Hairdressing Legend: ONE-to-ONE Masterclass

    For the first time ever you can spend three days exclusively with film hairdressing legend Stephanie Kaye to learn the art of period hair.

    Stephanie Kaye is an outstanding British film hairdresser and now you have an incredible opportunity to train ONE-to-ONE with her, during an intensive Masterclass in Period Hair Styling.

    Stephanie has styled the hair of some of Hollywood’s greatest screen legends in a career spanning more than forty years.

    She has worked with Lawrence Olivier, Lauren Bacall, Vanessa Redgrave, Rachel Welch, Orson Welles, Dame Maggie Smith, Oliver Reed, Dustin Hoffman and even royalty, to name just a few.

    Three-time Emmy nominated, Stephanie has been Chief Hairdresser on over 150 films and worked with renowned directors including Michael Winner, David Lynch, Ken Russell and Sir Richard Attenborough.

    Director David Lynch and Anne Bancroft with film hairdresser Stephanie Kaye on the set of the Elephant Man

    Director David Lynch with Anne Bancroft and Stephanie on the set of the Elephant Man

    Stephanie is at the very heart of the outstanding rich heritage of British film hair styling.

    She is also one of our last remaining links to the exquisite traditions of highly specialised hair and wig training from the famous Wig Creations of London, who created looks for all the stars of Hollywood’s golden era.

    Stephanie is passionate about period hair training for film; “You just don’t get enough personal ‘hands on’ attention in large training groups. I’ve decided to work one-to-one with students so they truly gain new techniques and improve their period hair skills.”

    Stephanie’s Masterclass, in partnership with the National Association of Screen Makeup Artists and Hairdressers, is the first in the UK to offer you individual one-to-one training, tailored solely to your needs, set at your skill level and to suit your own learning style.

    I was very privileged to attend the first one-to-one Masterclass with Stephanie at her home studio in Hampton, just outside London.

    At the front door of her delightful cottage you are greeted by a giant toy solider and her two adorable rescue dogs. As you step inside you discover an incredible collection of vintage toys and film artefacts that fill every room.

    She also has a phenomenal collection of original vintage hair styling tools and authentic period hair books worthy of a museum display in their own right.

    An original 1930's hand- sewn ladies' evening wig is part of Stephanie's phenomenal collection of vintage hair pieces and tools.

    An original 1930’s hand- sewn ladies’ evening wig is part of Stephanie’s phenomenal collection of vintage hair pieces and tools.

    Stephanie’s blonde hair is swept up in a classic chignon whilst her vibrant smile and infectious enthusiasm defy the fact that she in now in her seventh decade. Considering how successful her career she is also refreshingly down to earth, wonderfully funny and immediately puts me at ease.

    There’s no time for nerves to get the better of me as we get straight down to work by blocking a wig and preparing for the day ahead.

    We begin with my Achilles heel – finger waving.  I have always longed to conquer my battle with the fine art of 1920’s authentic finger waving, rather than cheat it!

    Stephanie begins with a step by step demonstration. Her hands move with such artistry and craftsmanship as she moulds the hair, it’s like watching a sculptor at work.

    I follow with my first fumbling attempt. Stephanie’s patience is remarkable as she shows me how to correct my mistakes on my numerous efforts. Sensing my frustration she tells me to take a deep breath and gently takes my hand with hers and directly guides my movement through the hair.

    Surprisingly simple yet so effective that on my next attempt something suddenly clicks into place and I find I’ve formed a pretty impressive finger wave throughout the front of the wig. I’m so excited I almost do a little dance in front of Stephanie – much to her amusement.


    A hand written personal message from actress Cybil Sheppard on the film The Lady Vanishes

    Progress is rapid after this as we work our way together through several 1920s and 1930s hair styles. Stephanie has so many wonderful tips and tricks to guide you that you will surprise yourself at how much you achieve in your first day and how quickly your confidence grows.

    Time seems to fly by as we cover Victorian hair styling on our second day and I love every moment.  Stephanie also shares some incredible stories from her years on film sets, with some hilarious and often deliciously wicked stories from ‘behind the scenes’. It is such a privilege that she is willing to share such remarkable moments from her life.

    When we take a break for lunch she pulls out numerous huge folders that are bursting at the seams with original signed photos of some of the greatest screen legends of all time. It’s like taking a walk through the Hollywood Hall of Fame.

    There are hundreds of photos and each of them individually signed with personal messages of affection, praise and thanks for Stephanie’s dedication and hard work. I am in awe but Stephanie simply plays it down with her unassuming manner and ushers me back to work at the wig block.


    Stephanie attending to Ryan O’Neill on set of the film Green Ice and personal message from the actor.


    We spend our third and final day together covering Edwardian hairstyles and I am smitten with the ornate vintage hair accessories that Stephanie allows me to use from her personal collection. It is yet another reflection of her passion and commitment to authenticity when creating period hair styles.

    My Edwardian and Victorian hairstyles created at Stephanie Kaye's one-to-one Period Hair Masterclass

    Victorian hairstyle created at Stephanie Kaye’s one-to-one Period Hair Masterclass


    My Edwardian hairstyle was perfected with an original herringbone ornate comb from Stephanie's wonderful collection

    My Edwardian hairstyle was perfected with an original herringbone ornate comb from Stephanie’s wonderful collection

    Throughout our time together I have been astonished at the quality and abundance of real lace front wigs, hair pieces and vast array of incredible styling resources that I have had access to in her studio.

    Stephanie together with Sandra Exelby, Chairman of NASMAH, have invested heavily in superior quality hair and wigs to ensure that students learn with the best. They are both deeply passionate about training the next generation of film hairdressers and makeup artists.


    Stephanie working on actress Julie Christie on set on the film The Go-Between

    I’m so sad that our time together has come to an end but Stephanie gives me a big hug and assures me we will meet again.

    I am thrilled by Stephanie’s generosity and desire to share her knowledge. She is so passionate about preserving the fine art of wig making and styling and passing down the precious heritage of British film hairdressing skills.

    So if you’ve ever dreamed of learning from one of the greats in film hairdressing, with their undivided attention focused exclusively on developing your skills, then you should register for Stephanie’s Period Hair Masterclass .

    Go book your place now at the National Association of Screen Makeup Artist and Hairdressers.

    Visit for further details and to reserve your place.



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