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    ‘Fangtastic’ character teeth at Prosthetics Event

    ‘Fangtastic’ character teeth at Prosthetics Event

    Fangs FX are launching a fabulous range of affordable character teeth at The Prosthetics Event on November 16.

    Fangs FX  have created special effects teeth on more than 365 films. These include Star Wars, the Harry Potter films, Captain America,X Men, Batman Begins, Hellboy II, Frankenstein, Alien 3, Shaun of the Dead – the list goes on and is truly phenomenal.

    Chris-Lyons-Gallery-1 (1)

    Fangs FX are currently working on creations for new movies for Leonardo DiCaprio, Nicole Kidman and Dame Maggie Smith, as well as some special designs for some of the world’s leading Cosplayers.

    Chris Lyons, director at Fangs FX, is a dental demigod. He said, “I’m looking forward to The Prosthetics Event. It will be great to catch up with old friends in the business and to meet the new up-and-coming prosthetics fans.”

    Chris will be demoing his new, more affordable range of special effects teeth, including vampire, zombie and monster teeth at the Fangs FX stand at The Prosthetics Event.  He will also be making custom designs for some of Neill Gorton’s extraordinary character creations on the day.


    Now you will be able to buy the perfect set of fangs that your heart desires.  The Fangs FX teeth will be designed to fit you exactly. The team will take a mould of your own teeth which can be paid for at The Prosthetics Event when you make your design choice.

    And if you fancy something really special then have a chat with Chris at the Fangs FX stand to negotiate a completely unique, one off design.








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