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    Don’t miss United Makeup Artist Expo 2016

    Don’t miss United Makeup Artist Expo 2016

    If you want to learn the secrets of some of the best Makeup Artists in the world then you need to go to UMA Expo in London on May 7 and May 8 2016.

    You will hear from Victoria Down, the Head of the Makeup Department on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Key Prosthetics Makeup Artist Richard Redlefsen.

    You will also get up close and personal with Oscar nominated professional makeup artists and hairdressers, be the first to see new product launches and network with the best in the industry.

    UMA Expo, created by the much respected McGowan family, is the edgier, wholly British owned exhibition for the professional makeup industry.

    Unlike the annual American exhibition, which sadly often feels like a gigantic rugby scrum of fifteen year old girls battling it out for discounted lipsticks, UMA Expo is a far more relaxed and enjoyable experience.

    There are seminars and ‘hands-on’ workshops where you can gain experience in cutting edge techniques from makeup professionals with decades of experience in film, theatre, television and beauty.

    It is also the first makeup industry trade show where the prestigious National Theatre ,one of the UK’s most distinguished performing arts venues, will host a stand this year.

    The National Theatre were excited by the professionalism of the event and by UMA Expo’s special focus this year on the importance of developing skills in wig dressing and hairdressing for film and theatre.

    The National Association of Screen Makeup Artists and Hairdressers (NASMAH) are also deeply passionate about the importance of hairdressing skills within the industry.

    NASMAH, in partnership with UMA Expo, are running student competitions in Vintage/ Period Hairstyling and Wig Dressing for new entrants at the show.

    uma expo competition

    NASMAH Chairman Sandra Excelby says, “New entrants to the makeup industry need to take hairdressing seriously.”

    Sandra is deeply concerned that in recent years hairdressing skills have become diminished within overall makeup industry training.

    She believes traditional skills in wig dressing and wig styling, are crucial to success in the film industry.

    “You can’t have one without the other – hair and makeup work in harmony together. It’s not enough to take a course with a few weeks of hair. Remember more than fifty per cent of shots in films are now close ups which means hair and makeup are vital skills together,” explains Sandra.

    Banbury Postiche who are the oldest wigmaker and hair merchant in the UK, are also exhibiting at UMA Expo.

    Eva Proudman at Banbury Postiche says, “We supply all the UK theatres and film studios with wigs and hair as well as wig making and dressing supplies”.

    They are also very proud to offer the only UK registered Wig Making Course.

    The NVQ Introduction to Wig Making is the only course of its kind to cover the History of Wig Making, Handling Raw Hair, Weaving and Knotting and Fitting & Customising Wigs.

    And it has also been whispered that the legendary film hairdresser Vera Mitchell, who worked with the likes of Marlon Brando, Marlene Dietrich and Steven Speilberg, will also be at UMA Expo.

    Prices go up tomorrow so grab your ticket now for UMA Expo 2016



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