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    Create ‘Bloody Marvellous’ Effects

    Create ‘Bloody Marvellous’ Effects

    If you want to create horrifying blood and wound effects then you need Bloody Marvellous blood.

    You can be the first to take advantage of the brand new Bloody Marvellous membership scheme and their exclusive 20% discount at The Prosthetics Event  on November 16.

    Utterly realistic and totally convincing, even under the scrutiny of HD cameras, Bloody Marvellous blood is the special effects blood supply of choice for countless Hollywood blockbusters and TV dramas.

    Bloody Marvellous blood is so realistic it is even used for vital emergency services training.

    bloody marvellous 1

    I’m personally a huge fan of Bloody Marvellous products. I’ve used Bloody Marvellous blood on many productions, including the UK horror film Panic Button and US televison series Da Vinci’s Demons.

    Their range of blood products is completely convincing and very long wearing.  And there is a Bloody Marvellous blood product for your every gory creation.

    From the wonderful Thick Dark Blood and pots of Congealed Clot blood, which will make your worst flesh wounds look viciously real, to the delciously disgusting Scab Paste – Bloody Marvellous have a blood product for your every need.

    Bloody Marvellous blood is unique because all the ingredients are 100% food grade. That means you can even eat their blood products safe in the knowledge that there are no hidden chemical ‘nasties’ in Bloody Marvellous blood.

    I am very fortunate to have worked under Bloody Marvellous director Claire Williams. Claire has more than 25 years experience in the film and television industry and is a leading makeup and special effects designer. She is tremendously talented but also very generous in sharing her immense skill and expertise.

    bloody marvellous 3

    You can try the Bloody Marvellous range for yourself, with their brilliant Starter Kits which have everything you need to bring your worst creations to life. Check them out here.















    Bloody Marvellous

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